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The Honour Award Winners
Please note: We have only included a brief write-up about each of the recipients. There is much more information on each person which can be acquired by contacting the Nova Scotia Provincial Commissioner.

Click here to get contact information for the Nova Scotia Provincial Commissioner

Honourable Angus L. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1988

The Honourable Angus Lewis Macdonald, P.C., K.C., B.A., LL.B, S.D.J., LL.D., D.C.L., Lawyer, Educator and Politician was born in 1890 at Dunvegan, a farming community of about 200 people located seven miles northeast of Inverness, Cape Breton. He was a son of Lewis (farmer) and Veronica (Perry) MacDonald; his great-grandfather came to Nova Scotia from Moidart, Scotland in 1810. He was educated at Port Hood Academy, St. Francis Xavier (B.A., 1914), Dalhousie (LL.B., 1921) and Harvard (S.J.D., 1929). Angus L. joined the Militia in 1915 and proceeded overseas with the 185th Battalion in 1916. He was sent to France with the 25th Battalion in 1918 and was wounded while leading his men at the front. After the war, he was admitted to the Bar of Nova Scotia in 1921 and served as Assistant Attorney General of Nova Scotia from 1921 to 1924. Macdonald was an Assistant Professor of Law at Dalhousie from 1924 In 1933 he led his Party to victory and became Premier in that year. Angus L. Macdonald was Premier of Nova Scotia from 1933 to 1940, and again from 1945 to 1954.

Honourable Col. Henry P. MacKeen
Honour Award Recipient 1988

The Honourable Col. Henry P. MacKeen, C.D., LL. D., D.C.L.
Lieutentant Governor of Nova Scotia
1962– 1968
Lawyer, Lieutenant Governor and University Chancellor. Born in Glace Bay, son of Lieutenant Governor David (Merchant) and Jane (Crerar) MacKeen, his great great grandfather came to New Hampshire from Londonderry, Ireland in 1718. He was educated at St. Andrews College in Toronto; McGill (B.A., 1914, B.C.L., 1920 and Dalhousie (LL.B., 1921). And during World War 1 served with the Canadian Artillery. McKeen was married in 1928 to Alice Tilley and had two children: Judith and Henry (see: Who’s Who in Canada, 1966-1968)

Major Margaret C. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1989

Major Margaret Clothide MacDonald, R.R.C., D.C.L., Nurse and Matron was born in 1873 in Bailey’s Brook, a farming community located near the Northumberland Strait close to the Pictou-Antigonish County border, daughter of Donald (Merchant) and Mary (Chisholm) MacDonald; her grandfather came to Bailey’s Brook from Moidart, Scotland. She was educated at Mount St. Vincent Academy, and the Charity Hospital Training School in New York, where she graduated in 1895. Miss MacDonald joined the Canadian Army Medical Corps in 1898 and proceeded to South Africa, and later to Cuba, where she nursed the wounded of the Spanish-American War. During the building of the Panama Canal (1904-1914) she nursed yellow fever and malaria ridden labourers in the Canal Zone. Miss MacDonald sailed with the First Contingent of Canadian troops to Europe during the First World War, and during the war organized the Canadian Nursing Corps and held the office of Matron-in-Chief of the Corp. King George V decorated her with the Royal Red Cross Medal at Buckingham Palace in 1916. After the war she traveled extensively and participated in the Girl Guide Association. St. Francis Xavier University awarded her a Doctor of Civil Laws Degree. A portrait of Major MacDonald hangs at the National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa. She died in 1948.

Rev. J.D. Nelson MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1989

Rev. John D. Nelson MacDonald, D.D. was born in 1898 in St. Esprit, Richmond County, N.S. He was educated at Normal College, Truro; Dalhousie University, and Pine Hill Divinity Hall, Halifax. He was ordained in 1926 to the United Church of Canada and served in pastorates in many areas of the Province, retiring in 1966. He received a honourary Doctor of Law degree from St. Francis Xavier in 1958. He was one of the founding members, along with Dr. M. M. Coady and Rev. Jimmy Tompkins, of the Credit Union and Co-operative Movement in Canada. He was responsible for forming sixty Credit Unions both nationally and internationally. Rev. MacDonald was a Gaelic scholar and preached and taught it to many students at Pine Hill Divinity Hall and Mount Allison University. He was married to Marion Elliot and they had done son, Fraser. Rev. MacDonald died at his home in Dartmouth in 1988. He was 90 years old.

Brig. Gen. John Kennedy Francis MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1990

Brigadier General John Kennedy Francis MacDonald, D.F.C., C.D. was born in 1916 in Antigonish, the son of D.A. (Kirk) MacDonald and Annie Jane (Kennedy) MacDonald. He was educated at Morrison High School and St. Francis Xavier (B.A., 1936). In 1938 he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, graduating as a pilot in 1939. During World War II, the Korean Conflict, and until release from duty in 1970, he offered his services to Canada in a most distinguished manner. The awards, decorations, campaign stars and medals awarded to him by Canada, United Nations, Great Britain, France, Germany, Korea and other nations give testimony to his heroism.

Rev. Dr. James Clarke MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1990

The Right Rev. Dr. James Clarke MacDonald, B.A., B.D., D.D. was born in Sydney, N.S on July 28, 1888, son of Dan and Sarah MacDonald. Educated in Sydney, he was Valedictorian of the Class of 1907 at Sydney Academy. He received a B.A. in 1911 from Dalhousie and a B.D. from Pine Hill Divinity College. During his studies he was Editor-in-Chief of the “Theologue”. He married Jessie M. MacMillan of Dartmouth; they had two children, a daughter, Marion (Mrs. James Beach, Texas) and a son, Morrison, who died in Trinidad.

Honourable James MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1991

Chief Justice James McDonald, P.C., Q.C., Lawyer, Politician, and Judge, was born in 1828 at Bridgeville, a farming community on the upper East River in Pictou County, son of Alexander and Janet (Fraser) McDonald. His great-grandfather came to East River from Glen Urquhart, Scotland in 1778. Chief Justice McDonald studied law with the Hon. Martin Wilkins in Pictou and was admitted to the Bar of Nova Scotia in 1851. Before studying law, McDonald taught school at Addington Forks, Antigonish County. He was married in 1856 to Jane Mortimer and had eight children: Wallace, James, Margaret (wife of Lt. Gov. William Tupper), Janet (wife of Sir. C.H. Tupper), James, Lucy, Martin, and Catherine. McDonald practiced law in Pictou for twelve years before moving to Halifax in 1863.

Senator John Alexander MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1991

Hon. Senator John Alexander MacDonald, B.A., M.A. (1889-1962), farmer and provincial cabinet minister. Born at Upper Dyke, a farming area located four miles north of Kentville, son of Andrew and Clara (Kidson) MacDonald, his father was formerly from Cape Breton. He was educated at Acadia (B.A., 1913, M.A., 1914) and taught school in Kings County from some time. He carried on farming at Upper Dyke Village, and in 1920 was elected to the Nova Scotia Legislature as a Liberal representing Kings County. MacDonald served in the Armstrong Cabinet as Minister without Portfolio from 1923 to 1925, and in the MacDonald and MacMillan Cabinets as Minister of Agriculture from 1933 to1945. In the latter year he was appointed to the Senate of Canada. He was married in 1912 to Marguerite Taylor and had one son, Andrew. John Alexander MacDonald died at Halifax in 1962.

Donald Roderick MacDonald (Dan R.)
Honour Award Recipient 1992

Donald Roderick MacDonald (Dan R.) (1911-1976). Born in Rear Little Judique, Inverness County, Cape Breton, son of Johnny and Jessie (O’Hendley) MacDonald. His first language was Gaelic and his music would in many ways reflect his Highland upbringing. He began playing violin when he was ten years old. With his love of Scottish music he continued to hone his skills at playing, reading music, and later composing original violin music which totalled over 2000 compositions which are played by outstanding Scottish violinists here and in the U.S.A. and in Scotland.

Most Reverend John R. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1992

Most Reverend John R. MacDonald, D.D. (1891– 959). John R. MacDonald was born in Port Hood, Inverness County, Cape Breton, the son of Daniel Alexander and Chrissie (MacNeil) MacDonald. He was educated in Port Hood and Antigonish, after his family moved there in 1906. He graduated, valedictorian of the Class of 1910, and entered Grand Seminary of Quebec in 1912 and St. Augustine’s in Toronto in1914. He was ordained to the priesthood at Antigonish on January 23rd, 1916 and was appointed Curate at St. Ninian’s Cathedral, Antigonish.

Daniel Archie MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1993

Daniel (Dan) Archie MacDonald was born November 17, 1899 in Dutch Brook, Cape Breton. He died on July 27, 1953. Dan Archie MacDonald was the son of Norman and Sarah MacDonald. Dan Archie was the third generation descendant of Donald MacDonald who came to Cape Breton from the Butt of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland around 1800.

Rev. Dr. Donald C. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1993

Rev. Dr. Donald Crockett MacDonald, (1916–1989) B.A., B.D., D.D., born in Sylvester, Pictou County, the son of Daniel and Isabella (Maxwell) MacDonald. He was a great-great-great-grandson of Donald MacDonald, one of the passengers aboard the famed ship Hector that landed in Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1773. Educated at Sylvester School, Pictou Academy, Acadia University (B.A.) and Presbyterian College, Montreal, (B.D.) and was ordained in 1942. He married Elizabeth Oliver of New Glasgow and they had four children: John, Ritchie, Ruth Anne, and Sandy.

Dr. Angus Bernard MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1994

Dr. Angus Bernard MacDonald was born in 1893 at Glassburn, a farming community in the parish of Heatherton, Antigonish County, N.S. He was a son of John B. and Flora MacDonald. He was educated at Heatherton School, St. Francis Xavier University (B.A.), the N.S. College of Agriculture, Truro (Diploma), and the Ontario Agricultural College (B.Sc.) In 1916, Mr. MacDonald was the first Agricultural Representative in Nova Scotia in Guysborough County and was later livestock promoter with the N.S. Department of Agriculture. From 1922-25, he was with the Department of Agriculture, Toronto, while pursuing graduate studies at the University of Toronto School of Education.

Dr. Hugh Martin MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1995

Dr. Hugh Martin MacDonald, B.A., M.A., PH.D., was born in Maryvale, Antigonish County in 1899. He graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 1922 and taught in Alberta and Saskatchewan until he returned to Nova Scotia as Inspector of Schools for Antigonish and Guysborough Counties in 1930. His post-graduate studies were received at Columbia University, New York, where he received his Master Degree in school administration on September 15, 1975. “H.M.” received the Degree of Doctor of Letters (Honoris causa) from St. Francis Xavier University. Rev. Malcolm Macdonnell, then President of St. F. X. University, stated in his letter of citation: “His memorable tenure of office as Inspector of Schools for Antigonish County constitutes one of the most brilliant and progressive chapters in the educational annals of this county”. During his tenure he reorganized the one-room county school into the larger school units now in place. The present six-room Maryvale elementary school bears his name as commemoration of his innovative administrative foresight during his incumbent years as Inspector of Schools.

Reverend Donald MacDoanld
Honour Award Recipient 1995

Rev. Donald MacDonald, D.D., was born in 1855 in Cape North, Cape Breton, one of fourteen children born to Ronald (son of Pioneer John, son of Donald Ban, son of Archibald of the Isle of Skye) and Mary MacLennan (daughter of Pioneer John MacLennan, Big Intervale, Cape North) MacDonald. He obtained a Teacher’s license in September 1872, upgraded it in 1874, and again in 1876. He taught school until 1877 when he entered Sydney Academy to prepare for entrance into Dalhousie University to study for the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church. He graduated in 1884 with the B.A. degree and in November of that year he took up theology at the Presbyterian College, Halifax, from which he graduated in 1887 when he was ordained and inducted in Port Hastings.

Ronald J MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1996

Ronald J. MacDonald M.D.was born in 1875 at Fraser’s Grant, Antigonish County, the son of Laughlin (the Drover) and Elizabeth (Chisholm) MacDonald. His father, unfortunately, while engaged in his occupation, sailed with a cattle shipment to Newfoundland in August of 1888 and on the return voyage the ship, the Mary Ellen, was lost with all hands at sea. Elizabeth was left a widow with six children and little means of support. As did many from this region in those days, she took her family to Massachusetts.

Honourable Mr. Justice Vincent C. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1996

Vincent Christopher MacDonald was born in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia, on April 16, 1897, a son of Archibald and Clara (Wallace) MacDonald. He was educated in local schools and at Dalhousie University in Halifax (LL.B. – 1920 – Gold Medalist; B.A. 1930). He also received four honourary degrees: J.U.D., University of British Columbia, 1949; LL.D., Dalhousie, 1952; LL.D., St. F.X, 1954; LL.D., Columbia University, New York, 1954 – and, in 1960, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Charles William MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1997

Charles William Macdonald was born in 1874 at Steam Mill (now Centreville) in the Cornwallis Valley. At an early age, Charles demonstrated an artistic ability. He found that his teachers did not take kindly to his sketching in the classroom and this eccentric trait tended to separate him from family and school circles, where such skills, associated with leisure, were not well accepted.

Donald Victor MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1997

Donald Victor MacDonald, B.A., B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. was born March 22, 1914, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, to Colin J. and Catherine (Fraser) MacDonald. He was educated at Morrison School and graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 1937 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Donald joined the Canadian Army in 1939. He was Chief Instructor of Artillery (R.O.T.C.) at St. Francis Xavier University in 1940–41. He served in Halifax, Brockville, Petawawa, and overseas with Major Conn Smythe’s Sportsmen’s Battery in England, Normandy (D-Day plus 6), Belgium, Holland, and Germany. Donald returned to Canada in October, 1945, and in November 1945 began studies at Cornell University.

Honourable Senator John Michael MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1998

John Michael Macdonald was born on May 3, 1906, in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, the son of Joseph and Teresa Mary Macdonald. The Honourable Joseph Macdonald was a former Nova Scotia Cabinet Minister. Senator John Michael Macdonald received his early education in North Sydney and later attended St. Francis Xavier University and Dalhousie University. In 1988, he was honoured by his alma mater, St. Francis Xavier, with an Honourary Doctor of Laws degree.

William H. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1998

William Hastings (Bill) MacDonald was born at Sable River, Nova Scotia, on September 2, 1925. In 1939, the family moved to Moncton, New Brunswick. In 1944, Bill enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and served as an air gunner in Lancaster bombers flying several operational missions out of England before war’s end.Bill married Vera Hamilton in 1945; they had five children. Bill was an involved and deeply caring father to his family.

Lucy Anne MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 1999

Lucy Anne MacDonald (Gaelic Speaker, Kilt Maker, Teacher) was born on September 15, 1913, in Jamesville West, Victoria County, Cape Breton. She was the daughter of Rod and Katie (MacNeil) Gillis. Lucy was educated in rural Cape Breton and graduated from the Nova Scotia Teachers’ College in Truro. Lucy taught in a number of small communities in Cape Breton and at the Morrison School in Antigonish. She married John L. MacDonald of Antigonish in 1949.

Hon. Hugh John MacDonnell
Honour Award Recipient 2000

Hugh John MacDonnell was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on July 12, 1920, the son of James and Margaret (MacDonald) MacDonnell. Hugh graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a B.A. in 1943. Hugh received an Honourary Doctor of Laws degree from St. F.X. University in 1993. Hugh served as air crew with the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1943 to 1945. In 1948, he received his LL.B. from Dalhousie University. In 1950, Hugh married R. Claire Chisholm. They had nine children, six daughters and three sons.

Bessie Jean MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2001

Bessie Jean (Betty) MacDonald was born in Toronto, Ontario, in 1922 and lived there for her first three years. Her parents, Clifford Allen and Anna (Cameron) MacDonald, returned to the family farm in Riverton, Pictou County, because of her father’s illness. He died of tuberculosis on Christmas Eve, 1925, at the age of 28, leaving two young children, Betty and her younger sister, Dorothy. Betty began her education in the “little white schoolhouse” in Riverton – the one that was later moved to the grounds of the Provincial Normal College in Truro, Nova Scotia. She received her intermediate schooling in Stellarton and Hopewell schools. The family moved to Truro in 1939 and she graduated from the Colchester County Academy with high standing in 1940. In her final year she was Editor-in-Chief of The Academy Critic, the school’s yearbook.

Hugh A. MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2002

Hugh A. MacDonald, was born December 3, 1889, in Lanark, Antigonish County, N.S., the son of Angus and Mary (MacInnis, Keppoch) MacDonald. He married Winnifred MacDonald in 1936 and had a family of five children, John Hugh, James, Rosemary, Roy, and Janice, as well as one adopted daughter, Dorothy, and one foster child, Denis. Hugh A. was a farmer, born, lived, and worked the farm all his life on lot number eleven – the land grant of Timothy Hierlihy (founder of Antigonish), purchased by his great grandfather John MacDonald, who emigrated from the Highlands of Scotland in 1791. Today the sixth generation of number eleven MacDonalds reside and farm there.

Margaret Elizabeth "Betty" MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2003

Margaret Elizabeth (Betty) MacDonald was considered a lifelong resident of Bridgeville, Pictou County, although she was born in Toronto, Ontario on June 4, 1916 to D. W. and Stella MacDonald. Betty’s MacDonald family roots go back to an ancestor who survived the Massacre of Glencoe and emigrated to America and settled in the upper reaches of the East River in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Betty and her brother, Dale, neither of whom ever married, continued to operate the large family dairy farm, Glen Coldon, in Bridgeville for many years after their parents passed away. It was only after the death of her brother, that Betty, who was then in her late seventies, decided to sell the farm.

N. Malcolm "Mackie" MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2003

N. Malcolm “Mackie” MacDonald was born in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on October 30, 1931 as a twin to Fraser, a younger brother to Jim “Sonny” and a son to John A. and Anne (Gordon) MacDonald. He called Dutch Brook his lifetime home. Mackie was married to Norma (Sparling) of Sydney for 46 years, until his death on July 2, 2002. He had two daughters, Gayle and Laurie, and two sons, Kevin and Robert. His family of origin, his immediate and his greater family, Clan Donald, were always very close to his heart.

Robert Fleming MacBeth
Honour Award Recipient 2004

Robert Fleming “Sandy” MacBeth was born in Stellarton on October 19, 1922, son of Neil Fleming and Jessie Bell (MacDonald) MacBeth. From his father’s side of the family he inherited his interest in Gaelic and his love of music, especially Piobaireachd, the classical music of the bagpipes. From his mother’s side of the family he inherited his interest in genealogy. Sandy was very proud that on his mother’s side, he was a descendant of MacIain, the murdered chief of the MacDonalds of Glencoe.

Judge Ronald St. John MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2008

Judge Ronald St. John Macdonald, C.C., Q.C., LL.M., LL.D. was born in 1928 in Montreal, the only son of Col. R. St. John Macdonald, M.D., F.R.S.I. and Elizabeth Marie Smith. In his early years, Ronald, his parents and two sisters travelled by train from Montreal each summer to spend the holidays on the family homestead in Bailey’s Brook, Pictou County. After being discharged from the Royal Canadian Navy Reserve as a sub-lieutenant in 1946, Ronald entered St. F.X. where he received a B.A. in 1949. He went on to study law at Dalhousie University, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws in 1952 and then obtained Master of Laws degrees from both the University of London and Harvard University.

Rev. Finlay Grant MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2008

Rev. Finlay Grant MacDonald was born in Sunny Brae, Pictou County, on April 1, 1870, and although born on April Fool’s Day, his subsequent life of accomplishment and service proved that he was no fool. His parents, Donald and Mary Ann Grant MacDonald, lived on a farm and were direct descendants of Scottish pioneers who settled in that area. After growing up in a family that had deep religious roots, and attending school at Sunny Brae, Finlay Grant MacDonald became interested, at an early age, in the work of the YMCA and went on to enroll at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1897. It was while attending the YMCA, a school to be known later as Springfield College, that Finlay Grant MacDonald became almost a legend in the world of sports when, in December 1891, he played on the very first basketball team that was organized anywhere in the world. He played with the basketball team during his years in Springfield and displayed a natural talent for the game, and was never defeated.

Allan "The Ridge " MacDonald
Honour Award Recipient 2009

We have no formal write up for Allan "The Ridge" MacDonald, however, we do have a speech that was given for him.
View Effie Rankin's speech for Allan MacDonald

John Allan Cameron
Honour Award Recipient 2010

John Allan was born into a very musical family. His mother and his uncle Dan R. MacDonald were both fiddlers. Dan R. composed around 3000 tunes that have become classics in the Scottish tunes genre. John Allan's brother, John Donald, is an accomplished violin player. Marie and Jessie are fine piano players while Alec, Cyril and D.A. step-danced to round off the talents of this music loving family.

John Allan was born in 1938 and lived 67 years. His father bought the two oldest boys, John Allan, and, John Donald, a fiddle and a guitar when they were quite young and told them if they didn't learn to play the instruments he wanted them back. They learned quickly. John Allan began playing the guitar in public when he was 12 years old. He studied to join the priesthood for about 6 years in Ottawa, finished his final vows but realized he would not be happy ten years down the road. He quickly received a papal dispensation and prepared for the vocation that he loved. B.A. and B.Ed. degrees from St. F. X. University enabled him to teach a year in London, Ontario, but this theatre was too narrow and confined for John Allan.

The 1960s and 1970s saw John Allan Cameron leading the charge for a resurgence of interest in Celtic music. He began his singing career with the Don Messer Show and Singalong Jubilee on the CBC. Later he became an opening act for Anne Murray. The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville gave this dashing Highlander, with kilts and all, a two minute ovation in 1972.

1975-76 welcomed The John Allan Cameron Show on national TV out of Montreal. The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers were often guests on his shows. Again in 1979-81, John Allan hosted his own half hour TV show from Halifax. Continuing his vision to bring Celtic music as far as he could, John Allan sang at Mariposa, Newport, Winnipeg, and Atlantic folk festivals and played in coffee houses, concert stages and other venues the length and breadth of Canada and the U.S.A.

In 2003, John Allan Cameron received the prestigious Order Of Canada award which he felt brought him the proudest moment of his life. He explained that this award summed up his life's work. The award distinctly stated that his work as the guardian and champion of Celtic music caused this moment of honour.

Former Nova Scotia premier, Rodney MacDonald, noted that John Allan's audiences responded warmly to him because they knew that John Allan was always less concerned about the money-making side of music than he was about entertaining.

John Allan Cameron's work is seen as the spark that lit the renaissance of the traditional art form in the space of several decades.

This rebirth of Celtic music that he so carefully engineered influenced greatly The Rankins, The Barra MacNeils, Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIssac and so many others. These skillful musicians who followed the lead of the "Godfather of Celtic Music” can all attribute some of their success to his trailblazing efforts.

Dr. Garfield MacDonald (1881-1951)
Honour Award Recipient 2011

Nova Scotia's first Olympic Medalist (London, 1908)

A. A. "Tony" MacKenzie (1926-2004)
Honour Award Recipient 2011

Egerton, Pictou County -- author, historian, and St. Francis Xavier University professor.

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